Cranky Pants

4 Oct

I woke up today as Gina Cranky Pants, but it’s getting better now. Let’s see how the meeting with my son’s teacher goes before I declare I’m out of my grumpy mood. But wait…. I’m getting ahead of myself.

I haven’t sewn in 3 days! That’s cause #1 for my bad mood I’m sure.

I had to pick up another teacher’s night class for two weeks. That soap opera is too long to go into details about over the Internet. So for the next two weeks,I’m teaching 5 days, 2 nights and 2 online classes. Let’s add the family schedule in there and you can see why I haven’t sewn in three days!

My son is an A student in 8th grade. He is in line to be the valedictorian of his class. Except that as of Tuesday, he went from getting a B in language arts class to a D-. Yes…. I know. Even a B is unacceptable. But one day turns into a D-? Really? Sigh…. When he was getting a B, we had already emailed the teacher TWICE and asked whAt the problem was. Now I emailed a requested a face-to-face conference. That will happen in a half hour.

I need to put Cranky Gina away in preparation of this meeting.


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