26 Sep

Hourglass blocks are quilted. I’m starting on the outside border now.

What a week this is turning out to be!  Gianna had her first basketball game last night.  We were gone from 5:30pm until 8pm!  Thank goodness there aren’t many of those, huh?

She played on the B team and played very well.  She even scored a basket.  The final score was … and this is for all four quarters… 20-9.  LOL  The only difference between the A and B teams in my opinion was height!  The coach put all the tall players on the A team.  It didn’t help though.  They got smoked by some shorties.  It was fun.  The refs let the girls play even though there was a lot of traveling, lane violations, and double dribble not called.  A month ago, Gianna had never done anything but shoot in the driveway.  Now she knows plays and understands the game part of it.

She came home yesterday from school with a swing choir tryout form.  I said, “NO!”  Emphatically NO!  It’s not that I have anything against swing choir.  It’s great.  But she is in 6th grade and currently in:  piano (private lessons), clarinet (school band), basketball (4 times a week), softball team practices (once a week), private pitching lessons (once a week) , and sometimes we take her to the field for an  hour of hitting/fielding… oh, and speech team!  That’s too much already!  She wants to go out for volleyball when the season comes.  She wants to try out for the play in the spring.  Exactly when does she think she’ll have time for school?  So I told her she had to choose.  She has to drop something before she can pick up another activity.  She listened to reason and will not go out for swing choir.



One Response to “Progress”

  1. bsburgess September 26, 2012 at 5:25 PM #

    Excellent stitching on the wall hanging and awesome quilting pattern that fits it perfectly! Gianna is burning both ends of the candle with the match burning your fingers 😉

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