Busy Week

24 Sep

This is shaping up to be a busy week.  Today is Marathon Monday.  I taught until 2pm and have to go back and teach a night class from 6-9:30pm.  I came home in between because (a) I forgot my evening textbook and (b) I wanted to do more hand quilting!  🙂

It’s really coming along!

And I’m obviously obsessed with it!  I figured I might as well ride out the obsession rather than put it down and forget about it until it becomes another unfinished project.

Apparently when you link from Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville website you get a TON OF HITS!  Yowsa!  Along with the hits I had a lot of positive, encouraging comments.  Quilters are such nice people!  I am getting better at the big quilt stitch.  I should have marked the 1/4″ lines – live and learn. I did mark all the cross hatching that I’m going to do in the border.  What’s an extra few minutes to mark the center?  I just thought I could wing 1/4″.  Guess not…  🙂

Bonnie is having a quilt-a-long where she is encouraging everyone to hand quilt (or hand sew) an hour a day to get those projects done.  It’s a good idea.  I can’t sit for an hour most days but I am going to try to get up a half hour early and quilt in the morning and then again for a 1/2 hour at night.  Even with my hectic schedule this week, that should be doable.

Speaking of hectic schedules…. Today is the teaching marathon.  Tomorrow I teach a regular schedule until 3pm and then Gianna has her first basketball game at 6pm.  Wednesday I teach a regular schedule and the night is free (although Gianna’s pitching coach said she is free to give a lesson.  I declined!  We are skipping this week!)  Thursday I teach a regular schedule but have to return for a 5-7pm meeting.  Dan has to take DJ to his guitar lesson.  Friday?  I don’t know!  I’m already tired!  I hope it’s just a regular day too!  Somewhere in there I need to fit grading.  I graded three items this morning but I have a lot more to go.  I’m teaching 5 classes – two of which are online.  I spent 5 hours creating a video and getting it posted for one of the online classes.  It was a 7-minute video!   It was one technical error after another.

I hope this week goes by quickly and I don’t fall too far behind in either my grading or my quilting.  I do have my priorities you know!



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