Not So Simple

22 Sep

I set out to make a small, simple wall hanging in fall colors.  I was giving a test on Thursday and it came to me…. add pumpkin appliques to the corners.  So I started drawing pumpkins and came up with one I liked.  I came home and made one up and Wha-la!  I had a couple pumpkins!  I was going to add pumpkin leaves, but have you seen what pumpkin leaves look like?  No way…  Not with needle turn.  I’d get the wall hanging done in December if that.  So I went to my newly organized stash area and found 14 almond leaves already made up.  More were cut out and needed to be starched.  I even had stems.  (I keep them around for emergencies just like this.)

ImageOne side is already sewn down.  The other pumpkin is hanging off to the side waiting for the glue basting.  I tried to purposely NOT make the two vines symmetrical.  I thought it would look more natural that way.  Now I’m trying to pretend it doesn’t bother me that they aren’t symmetrical.  Hmmmm…  Keep going perfectionist!

I made lots more nine patches and this wall hanging is really growing!


Gianna counted 110 put together so far.  She thinks I’ll need 1000 for it to be completed.  Yeah right!  Like that’s happening!  I like it although she continues to tell me that the yellow color is hideous.  🙂  How can yellow possibly be hideous?  Plus it’s historical.  Cheddar was a much used color in the …. whenever days.  And finally, it’s my favorite color!  Besides red of course.


One Response to “Not So Simple”

  1. Sonia September 23, 2012 at 8:49 AM #

    The addition of pumpkins is an awesome touch! You did a great job.

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