4 Sep

Not sleeping well is normal for me but last night / this morning I was wide awake at 3am. I fought it for an hour – but succumbed at 4:00. I went downstairs and cut out and pieced the remaining 4-patches necessary for the Christmas quilt. They are now laid out and ready to join together in 9-patch form. But I just wasn’t up to doing it. So I straightened up the sewing room and cut scraps down into strips and squares… And then I decided to set some of my mini-9-patch squares that I’ve been using for leaders and enders. I set them with cheddar yellow because who can resist smiling at cheddar yellow?


I didn’t crop all the Christmas blocks out of this photo so you can see the scale. Those are 3″ 9-patches! Nuts, huh? But they are easy to do with 1.5″ strips.

Here’s what you cut: a light and dark 1.5″ x 6″ piece plus a dark 1.5″ square. I keep a hard pencil box of these by the sewing machine. With this small of a block, anything goes for color combinations. Sew the strips together along the long side then cut into 4 1.5″ sections. Make a four patch out of two of these segments then put together like the photo below.


See? Easy peaty leader and ender squares! What will become of this quilt? Another UFO? Nah… I’ll keep making blocks and setting them on point til I’m tired of it. Then it will make a nice wall hanging or baby quilt.


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