143 Hexagon Flowers

1 Sep

Hey!  Guess what?  A post that’s not negative!  Negative Nancy has left the building!

How’s this?

That’s 143 hexagon flowers!  I was printing more Inklingo sheets last week and decided to get this UFO out of hiding.  It turns out that I had started on that 3 x 11 strip and only need 9 more flowers to complete it and add it to the rest of the top.  So the strip is complete and now I will add it this weekend.  The quilt top will measure 53″ x 53″ once that’s done.

Do I stop and put on borders now?  Well if the borders are 5″ each, then the quilt will only be 63″ x 63″.  I think that’s too small for a usable adult quilt.  So I guess I just answered my own question.  I need to keep going!

When I first started this project in May, I said it was my summer project and I would end it August 1st no matter what size it was.  But I didn’t piece any hexagons through most of July and August concentrating on my machine piecing projects instead.  What’s another UFO right?  LOL

What about the Christmas star quilt?  Is that now on the back burner (you are wondering!)?  Nope… I only have 3 stars to make.  The current one I’m piecing has to be started for the third time because I pieced the second step wrong TWICE!  I will complete that one today and hopefully get the other two done as well this weekend.  I was hoping to piece all the alternate blocks this weekend but I’m afraid the honey do list is too long to get everything done.  Plus I have the dreaded grading to do before Tuesday!


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