30 Aug

Did I ever mention how much I hate going to the dentist?  Oh… I mentioned it 100 times already?  Yeah… here’s 101.

Yesterday I had to go back – the broken tooth/teeth thing.  When I made the appointment, I made it at 1:15pm because my son had an ortho appointment at 3:15 and I wanted to make sure I was done in time.  That’s pushing it for me though.  My class gets over at 12:50pm and I have to answer student questions, get my stuff from my office, walk to the parking lot; and drive through two towns to get to the dentist.  I asked the dentist’s scheduling person if she would text or call if he was running late.  I also said, “My son has an ortho appointment at 3:15.  Will this take 2 hours?”  She assured me that it was a beginning procedure and I “should” be in and out in a 1/2 hour.  But maybe I should have a backup plan just in case.

Okay… I made a backup plan. My oldest daughter could take DJ to the ortho if I couldn’t.  I RUN out the door at 12:50pm (RUN = waddle, waddle, jiggle, jiggle), drive to the dentist, and get to the office EARLY. = 1:10pm.  Now comes the rant…

The waiting room had daytime court TV blaring.  Plus the piped in music could be heard so it’s just irritating.  I’m trying to read and I can’t concentrate at all.  Why do waiting rooms have to have stupid shows on TV?  Or TV at all?  But there’s another patron in there so I don’t feel comfortable turning it off or down.

I wait 15 minutes – it’s now 1:30pm.  Okay… not a big deal.

A dental assistant comes out with another patron who is finished and they proceed to go through the waiting room tagging photos that are hanging on the wall.  The dentist has a bunch of historical town photos and evidently this patron wants copies for the historical society.  Not a big deal… 15 more minutes go by while they do this.

The dental assistant goes back then someone calls the other person in the waiting room back.  Bummer… I was hoping he was waiting for his wife.  Maybe he’s in for a cleaning?  Maybe it won’t be long now?

Now it’s just after 2:00pm.  I’ve been waiting for 45 minutes (50 if you count the fact that I was 5 minutes early).

The dental assistant who was tagging the photos calls me back and says, “Sorry about the wait.  I just love history and the fact that that woman wanted the photos here, yadda, yadda, yadda.”

So that’s what is putting us back?  Not that the dentist was busy.  But that she had to spend MY time tagging these photos.  45 minutes to be exact because of the room prep, etc.

How would my students react if *I* shot the breeze with someone in the hall while they waited for class to begin?  Then I came in late and proceeded to keep them late because of it?  Sorry that you have to go to work… Sorry that you have to pick up your kids from school… Sorry that you have another appointment… But what I’m doing is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than your schedule evidently.”

I was out of there at 2:50pm and in time to take DJ to his ortho appointment.  I was sore, anxious, and ticked.  I would have been sore and anxious anyway but the ticked was just frosting on the cake.  I can understand emergencies – this person had to get in and pushed the schedule back or this procedure took longer than expected due to complications.  I can’t understand the total lack of respect for my time.

End of rant.  I feel better now.


One Response to “Rant”

  1. rvcallope August 30, 2012 at 10:41 AM #

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