Productive Weekend So Far

26 Aug

I have been busy sewing and organizing my sewing space this weekend.  The organizing part is slow going.  I keep at it for an hour and I see very little progress!

Here is the expanded, organized shelving.

I need to still clean off the middle and bottom shelves of the middle section.  Like I said, it’s slow going.  I have two bins of bright red, and two of dark red.  I need a second of dark brown.

I also went to Goodwill yesterday and purchased 8 men’s 100% cotton long-sleeved, plaid shirts.  It was “orange tag day” so any item with an orange tag was half price – $1.75!  I immediately washed them and cut them apart.  Into a bin they went.  🙂  So that’s progress right?  Buy fabric, wash and store it immediately!  I plan on making a plaid quilt this winter so I need to start collecting plaid shirts for it.

On the Christmas quilt, I have 9 finished.

Only 4 more to go!  Then I can move on to the alternate blocks.  This is going pretty quickly.

I also printed off another dozen or more hexagon sheets.  I want to start up that hand piecing project again soon but I haven’t had any printed out to work with!  So as I’m cleaning, I’m also printing a few sheets of Inklingo hexagons so I can pick up that project again when I want to.



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