Feel Sorry For Me!

23 Aug

What a week!  Are my biorhythms out of whack or is the world really out to get me?

  1. I broke a tooth last week.  It’s next to another broken tooth which is next to a hole in my mouth where a tooth was pulled 20 years ago (or more).  In answer to your next question, “Yes, I do brush my teeth!”  But the dentist is concerned that a bridge won’t span across 5 teeth especially since my teeth are so weak.  He can’t put in posts or implants because my sinuses go down so low that they would interfere with the posts.  I can have surgery to move the sinuses and then, when that heals, put in the posts.  Crapola!
  2. My student lab worker can’t be hired by the school.  Some problem with financial info.  He’s already worked for two weeks for me PLUS is the best student worker I’ve had EVER.  Another crapola!  Still working on a “work-around” on that one.
  3. My hair dryer caught on fire when drying my hair on Monday.
  4. My license plates expired 7/31/12.  I didn’t notice.  Dan noticed and then looked it up online and it clearly says that Illinois didn’t mail the registration. Why?  Doesn’t say.  I have to go to the DMV and wait in line for a gazillion hours to find out what’s going on and pay for the new sticker.
  5. I prepped for a new class just to go in the first day and see that I had the wrong book!
  6. I started a new pair of socks with iffy yarn.  I increased the toe to 56 stitches and started K2P2 and they are way too small.  I started over and increased to 64 (8 more) and started K3P1 and they are way too big.  I am starting them for the third time and I’m not even sure that I like the yarn.  I’m going to increase to 60 stitches and just knit plain old stockinette stitch.  It’s self-striping yarn so that will look fine.  Plus it will be an easy, no-brainer to knit while at the dentist, the DMV, etc.

See?  That’s only a fraction of of what this first week has held for me!

Good news?  Well, I did finish two more Christmas star blocks.


I took the photo from my iPhone and in poor lighting so it’s not the best quality.  But they are good blocks.  The center of that last/bottom one is perfect!  🙂

I’ve decided to do two of each block in different fabrics.  I’m primarily using the red, green, and striped fabrics with some golds or other glitzy fabrics thrown in there when needed.  I’m setting a timer on my phone and going downstairs for 1/2 hour (minimum) a day.  It’s to keep my sanity!  Oh… and to keep the progress going so I don’t forget about this project and it becomes another UFO.


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