Light, Medium, Dark

20 Aug

I can hear my dad’s voice… “Whenever you do anything artistic, you need a light, a medium, and a dark.”  I read it all the time.  But when I pick out fabric, I tend to forget the medium!  Ugh…

Take these two blocks.

In the store, I thought the green fabric was a medium.  It is lighter than the red or striped.   But no…. The block on the right looks so much better with the gold because it’s not competing with the star for the focus of the block.

I can really see a difference in these two blocks.  The green just makes the center disappear.

My centers on the last two blocks are very much improved.  Not perfect, but much improved.  I’m pressing the seams open on the last four seams – the vertical and horizontal ones.

As you can see, I’m not going with another QOV for this top, but instead I’m making a Christmas quilt.  There will be different stars from the “Stars By Magic” book.  No idea how they will be set.  It will be controlled scrappy using mostly the red, green, and striped fabrics shown with a few golds or others thrown in here and there.


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