Saturday Sewing

18 Aug

Before we launch into Saturday’s sewing adventure, I’d like to note that I completed the “travel socks”.

I made a size small this time instead of a medium. They are tight but I feel like homemade wool socks stretch out easily and I wanted to try a smaller size to see if it helped in the “baggy” business. I didn’t start another sock or knitting project because we don’t have any traveling scheduled for the near future.

I like them. 🙂 They are the perfect color for jeans. The solid color shows off the simple lace pattern nicely.

On to sewing…. Gianna and I made a new book bag / satchel for her. No pictures yet. It’s lovely though!

I was experimenting on a block from the book “Stars by Magic”.

I can see by the experiment that the two reds have to have high contrast. I thought this was enough, but I think it needs even more. I think I’ll use a polka dot or star print like this one shows, but a stripe or plaid for the alternate diamond point. However, with high contrast comes the need for a perfect center. I have yet to master the perfect center when 8 points/seams intersect.

This book builds an alternate block when you sew by saving the waste triangles. For a 12″ block (like the one above), you can also build 8 half square triangles that finish at 2.75″ (weird size) and another big block – 10.5″. Again, weird size.

It’s kind of nice to do the “two-fer” blocks. Again, high contrast in the pin wheel is needed along with a perfect center – which this one IS NOT!


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