Wednesday Whimsies

15 Aug

So much is going on with preparation for school and the rest of life.

Gianna tried out for next year’s travel softball team. She was very nervous for the tryout. She asked that no one attend because it would make her nervous. I said that even I wouldn’t go. Her dad is a bit more calm than I am. :-). But she said it was okay if I came but didn’t add to her pressure. I sat and talked to the other moms and tried not to pay attention to what was going onion the field. I didn’t go over to the batting cages when her group did (but I watched from afar). She settled in fine and performed well for the tryout. Whew! She shouldn’t t have been so nervous but … She was. I think everything went well except the pitching. I don’t know if she’s a pitcher or not.

On the quilting front, I finished the Quilt of Valor.

Not a great picture, but it only needs a label now.

We put together two puzzles. Laminated this one:

But took apart the other one.

I broke a tooth this morning. I can’t get it fixed for two weeks.

My school lab is a mess still.

I have half of my first day materials done and that’s all.

Back to work!


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