Another Weekend Zips By

5 Aug

Wow! This past weekend just sprinted past us!

On Friday, we attended a pizza party/swim party at Gianna’s travel ball coach’s house. I’m not very social, so I usually just exchange polite small talk with the other parents and then watch the game. So this is the first time I’ve sat down and chatted with the other moms. I really enjoyed myself. One of the moms put together an iMovie of photos that she took of the girls throughout the season. It’s really nice and she gave each family a copy. That was really thoughtful.

On Saturday, we headed to Peoria, IL, to attend a Class A baseball game. The Peoria Chiefs played the Clinton Lumberjacks. Clinton won but it was a fun time for all of us.


Cory joined us and had a good time too. Gianna caught that T-shirt she is wearing during one of the “between inning shenanigans” that they do.

I brought my sock knitting to finish on the driving trip. But I had to drive because Gianna got car sick and had to sit in front. I get car sick also so we were the two front seat people. They don’t let 11 year olds drive so…. Dan and DJ can read, play video games, you name it and never get car sick! Needless to say, I didn’t get much knitting done on the trip. However, I have one complete sock finished and just the cuff ribbing to go on the other one.

On Sunday, we attended a bar mitzvah celebration for a friend of DJ’s. It was a good time for the kids. DJ isn’t much of a dancer so he and I sat together a lot. Gianna danced a bit.

The final clue for the military quilt came out on Friday but I haven’t even begun it. Maybe I’ll find some time during the week to put it together.


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