30 Jul

Why are we so mean to each other? So passive aggressive? Is it in our DNA? Or learned?

The Yahoo! Quilts 4 Military mystery group is yet another example. When the past clue was posted on Friday, an ambitious quilter got right on it and posted a picture in the Photos section of her completed clue. The photo section is for that purpose. Prizes are drawn based on these photos. But, alas… Controversy. She had them set similar to my blog post. Someone said the mystery was ruined for her because that photo was posted. Others chimed in! Really? Ruined? Get on it and piece it yourself quickly. Don’t look at the photos. Who knows if that’s the correct layout – there is one more clue left. The original poster apologized and removed the picture. Why? She had done nothing wrong. Is there some kind of hidden protocol that was breached?

Sheesh. At what point do we learn to eat our young?

That’s a primary reason that I quit the quilt guild I belonged to. Women just knit picking at each other when someone had a new idea or expressed themselves differently than what was some imaginary standard.

Why do we do this to each other?


EDIT:  I wasn’t going to post anything to the group but now the quilter in question is being reprimanded for saying (after she said she removed the picture) “Wow.  What a group.”  She is being accused of being SNARKY!  Really….  Here is my post to the group:


Andee, I don’t think you did anything wrong. You were enthusiastic. You got
right on the clue and posted pictures when you finished. I saw no protocols
posted before hand on this subject.

I think I’ll keep in mind that I’m making this quilt for a person who is
probably not having fun defending my freedom. I think keeping that in mind, a
little spoiling of our fun is rather a minor detail.


I’ll probably be banned from the group as a result…  Sheesh… again….


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