29 Jul

I attached black binding to a quilt I finished quilting way back in May but just never got around to binding. It’s not my favorite quilt but I need to finish it and get it out the door. I have a wall hanging that needs binding attached also. I like binding about as much as I like going to the dentist. Yes, it’s that painful. But once I get going I don’t mind it at all. This black solid left much to be desired. I think it’s Kona black which means its thick and not so easy to needle through. And it requires my cheater glasses to see what the heck I’m doing! I’ve got 2.5 sides done (I always start with a long side so the last side goes quicker). I should have the quilt bound by the end of the night.

I made baby back ribs for supper tonight using this recipe. They turned out to be the best that I’ve ever made. corn on the cob for a side dish and now I’m officially fat! But happy!


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