27 Jul

I have a case of startitis. But I’m justifying it. Listen to the justification and you’ll agree that it’s okay to start a couple new quilting projects.

First…. I said my next quilt would be a donation to the military. I belong to a Yahoo! Group called Mystery Quilts 4 Military. I look at their projects but have never done one. Why? I’ve never done a mystery! I’ve taught mystery quilts but never pieced one. First of all, how do I know I’ll like it when it’s finished? Second of all, I have never (or at least I don’t remember ever) cut out ALL the pieces for a quilt before I start piecing! I cut out enough for a couple of blocks, then l piece those, cut, piece, continue. I mean who cuts everything at once? People like my sister Sonia, that’s who! Hmmm… She has no UFOs. Maybe that’s the secret! So I thought I’d try it. Who cares if I like it – I’m giving it away! Right? They just started a mystery so I fished out some red, white (it’s actually cream), and blue fabric and pieced the first two clues.

I guess those are actually clues 2 & 3 since clue 1 was cutting the fabric and storing the pieces in ziploc bags. Clue 4 is due out today! So I can totally get this done! A clue a week… Everything is already cut and ready to piece… And the pattern is called Starry Path – I’m bound to like it by that name!

So see how I justified that?

No justification on the next one though. I tried long and hard to think of a justification but nope… Can’t come up with one. This is called The Great Granny Quiltalong. It’s on this blog and is supposed to represent those old granny square crotchet blankets from the 70s.

I kept seeing other quilters’ blocks and just fell in love with it! It’s scrappy, obviously, but I have blue somewhere in every block. I’m using my 2.5″ strips to make the 2.5″ squares. It’s simple and I’ve whipped up those 10 blocks in nothing flat. It will have 1″ white sashing between the blocks and a white background border. (Spell check keeps correcting sashing to smashing! Ugh!)

The only justification for the granny squares is that I’m piecing leaders and enders for the Irish chain quilt. I need more 4-patches for that quilt so I can build up more blocks for that one.

Final grading for my summer class needs to be completed today. I better get going on that!


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