25 Jul

I’ve started to prep the networking lab for the fall semester. I brought the kids with me. We took all the removable drives out of the machines and ran a “kill disk” program on them. Next we will repartition the disks and apply an image to the disks so they are all the same. After 5 hours of work, the kids and I have blanked out 95% of them. I am paying each child $2 an hour to help me. Dj is paying down a debt with his money. Gianna is saving hers for a rainy day. I’m not being paid at all. :-(. This task used to be part of our lab teacher’s job, but it got handed to me last year for no additional pay. I have a student lab assistant who can assist in this process but he can’t start until school starts, so its my job to get it done.

There is a lot of wait time while blanking out the drives even though we are doing 15 at a time. I brought my sock knitting. Sock knitting is the ultimate travel project.


Especially when it’s a simple pattern that is easily memorized and can be picked up and put down often.

A little forewarning… I feel a case of quilting startitis coming on. I wish it was finishitis but unfortunately it’s not.


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