The Rest Of The Missouri Trip

23 Jul

Be prepared for a long, negative post! I’ll try to keep the negativity to a minimum but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to.

First, we had a good half day in Sedalia. We visited the Bothwell house/mansion. It was built in the early part of the 20th century. It has 31 rooms and is very plain but has a great view and setting. The docent was informative and it was a good tour.


Just the kids and I went because Dan was still working. I looked up quilt and yarn shops and we tried to find them next. The yarn shop was out of business and the quilt shop was located in a house – or my GPS was incorrect. Either way, we didn’t stop. We did hit the Sonic for lunch. The kids voted Sonic as the best restaurant of the entire trip! 🙂 They liked the car hops and ordering system. It was just like the old A&W root beer stands of my childhood.

I downloaded a license plate app for my phone. We were on the lookout for state plates throughout the trip. Luckily there was a BMW motorcycle rally in Sedalia during our stay so we were able to see a lot of different state plates right from our hotel parking lot. We ended up finding 36 different state plates throughout the trip.

Now, the negativity. The drive from Sedalia to St. Louis was “the trip from hell”. I was tired and Dan drove. My boss called and there was a problem with my online class and the students contacted her because I forgot to check my mail in the two days in Sedalia. So that made me even crabbier. We got into St. Louis right during rush hour only to find out that our hotel was located right next to Busch stadium and the Cubs were in town playing the Cardinals in two hours. Not only was it wall to wall people downtown, but wall to wall traffic as well. Downtown St. Louis is a lot of one way streets so we had to keep circling in order to find the entrance to our hotel. The entrance was blocked with a sign that read “Valet parking full”. What do you think the chances are of finding a parking spot in downtown St. Louis right before a Cubs-Cardinal game? I would have had a better chance of winning the lottery. Dan got out and talked to the valets. They gave us a voucher for a parking garage and we had to hoof it to the hotel.

The hotel was wall to wall people. Our room was right outside the elevator. No Internet access from the rooms. The business center kept logging me off before I could correct my problems with the online class. I was not a happy camper!

What are the chances of finding a restaurant to eat supper? Did I mention hordes of people? Multiplying by the minute? We were, apparently, the only people without tickets to the game. We could have purchased them for $175 each. Not happening!

Not a great start…. Loud room… All night long… No sleep… Too many people…. A good view though.




Fast forward to the next day. I managed to get my online class problem fixed enough that the students could work. We decided to go to the arch. It was a four hour wait to get tickets. In line. Outside. In the 100 degree sun and heat. We were not doing that!

Dan and Gianna were brave enough to take a very expensive helicopter ride.


Dj and I chose to live instead. We people watched and thought positive thoughts so they didn’t crash. It worked. They survived.

We walked downtown St.. Louis. The old courthouse was closed for restoration. there wasn’t a single store open. Really. Not lying. In fact, many buildings were empty. TGIF for lunch was our second favorite restaurant of the trip!

To recap, our hotel held most of our interest. The kids swam. Gianna played two grand pianos that we happened upon while exploring the hotel. I knitted a lot. I got both socks done up to the legs. There’s only about an hour of knitting left on each. oh… And the hotel had no brochures on what to do in St. Louis. The concierge recommended the arch.

I have no desire to go back to St. Louis.



One Response to “The Rest Of The Missouri Trip”

  1. Sonia July 24, 2012 at 7:57 AM #

    yuck on that experience! I wondered if you went to the game. We went once to St Louis and I remember it being very, very hot. The arch tour featured a trip up in a small egg-shaped (enclosed) transporter. Definitely not for the clostophobic…(sp?). Not impressed either with the city. Plan your next trip to Indianapolis, I’ve heard it’s great.

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