My Husband, The Kid

23 Jul

My hubby cracks me up! This morning I’m sitting peacefully drinking my coffee. Dan has the day off so he’s drinking his coffee in the basement. He’s also working on his day off but that’s another story. What he’s not doing is talking to me. Cuz it’s too early, that’s why! I have to have at least one cup of joe down before you approach me. Two if you want legitimate conversation.

Anyway, he comes upstairs to get another cup of coffee and looks out the window. He yells (and I mean YELLS), “Gina, come quick! Look what’s on the pool cover!”

I come running and this is what I see.

It’s a garter snake. The man is tickled pink. I’ve never seen him so excited! I took the above picture from inside the house (of course). He runs outside to catch the beast. He can’t wait to show the kids.

Now, I’m thinking, “no way is that snake coming into my house!”. I know him. So while he is catching the snake I get a bucket for him to put it in. Outside. It stays outside. I’m adamant about that! I put a net over the top of the bucket. The snake bit Dan and actually drew blood in little scratch marks. So much for garter snakes being harmless. But he was so excited! My adrenaline was spiked. I don’t like snakes – harmless or not. They are creepy.

Sad ending. The kids get up. Dan is like a kid in a candy shop. He can’t wait to show them the snake. I stay away because I don’t want to convey my fears to the kids.

THE SNAKE HAS ESCAPED! Yep, it’s gone. Thank God it wasn’t stored in my house! I have no idea how it slithered up the smooth surface of the deep bucket and lifted the screen/net. Luckily I had the one picture so the kids could see a blurry stick-like snake on the pool cover.

My hubby was disappointed but is sure he’ll find another soon enough. I’m hoping that snake was an orphan with no living relatives.


One Response to “My Husband, The Kid”

  1. Sonia July 24, 2012 at 7:51 AM #

    No living relatives…hilarious! I’m with you on any snake being creepy.

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