I Should Be Ashamed Of Myself!

16 Jul

I have so many quilting UFOs it’s not even funny!  Why do I do that?  I have a number of quilts that have the centers finished and are awaiting borders.  Borders only.  One day’s work….  Why didn’t I finish it?

Take this top that I found while cleaning my sewing room.

Scrappy blue nickels cut into four patches and half square triangles. Consistent background of white.

I had these borders already cut.  They just need to be attached.  Why didn’t I attach them?  I had everything in a pizza box including the fabric for the binding!  What the heck?  If that was the only UFO, then I’d say it was excusable.  But there are many… and I mean MANY!  Such waste.  Waste of time… waste of money… if it sits around unfinished and unused, what good is it?  I need to finish and donate.  Or finish and use.  Or finish and gift.  BUT I NEED TO FINISH!  Border it; quilt it; bind it.  I have two quilts that only need binding from the beginning of the summer.  The binding will be cut tomorrow and attached by machine.  Then I’ll hand tack them during TV time.   That’s my first goal.  Then attaching these borders will be my next goal.  I am going to start a list of what needs to get done and kick the simple ones out in the next couple of weeks.

On a different topic, we are starting a new family project.  It’s electronics based so we are all learning about electronics.  My job is programming the circuit board.  I need to read up on it and start trying it. Dan, Gianna and DJ are playing with LED lights and a breadboard as I write this.

Gianna has one light lit in the lower right corner. She has been learning about circuits, resistors, and voltage.


One Response to “I Should Be Ashamed Of Myself!”

  1. Terry July 17, 2012 at 8:12 AM #

    It’s great that you want to finish up your UFOs! I’ve been on a fabric diet for over a year now and it’s been great using up what I have and finishing up projects that had just been sitting and waiting for me! :0)

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