Busy, Busy, Busy

13 Jul

This week has flown by! 9-10 year old all stars started this week. I’m not coaching – thank God! My son and I helped with the practices but now we are just fans. We won the first game 17-8. We were losing by 4 and had two great hitting rallies to clinch the win. Unfortunately, we had to use 3 pitchers in that game. There are rules as to how often a pitcher can throw so that left us with only one pitcher for the next game. Guess who that pitcher was? My daughter of course! And, of course, we had to play the best team. They had a bye the first game so they were fresh AND they have 3 ASA pitchers on their team!

Needless to say, we lost…. But Gianna pitched great. She had a couple of rocky innings but it was a two run ball game up until the last inning. The other team started hitting off her and our team made errors. But it was a good game and I’m so proud of Gianna. She stuck it out and pulled herself out of her slump and continued playing the best she could. No theatrics… No tears… Just kept plugging away.

The girls play again tonight and should win. Gianna will not pitch. 🙂 But if we win, she will probably pitch on Saturday. Hopefully not the whole time. Hopefully she can split the game with another girl in case she needs it. The tournament is double elimination so we still have a shot at the championship.

I haven’t done much sewing. I’m going to clean the sewing room/basement this afternoon. Maybe I can get a bit of piecing done while I’m down there!


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