A Success!

7 Jul

I really like this big stitch quilting.  First the specifics.  I am using Perle Cotton #8.  I ran to Joann’s yesterday and the only perle cotton  #8 they had was in the colors black, navy, white and tan.  But they had a 6-pack of variegated thread.  I am not a fan of variegated thread but what’s’ a girl to do when she wants to start the project immediately and there are no other choices?  I don’t know what size needle I’m using.  I started with a small post and it hurt my fingers so much when pulling the needle through the fabric.  I found a smaller needle with a big eye in the sewing room (I have everything in that sewing room it seems), but the tip was blunt so I ditched that one.  Just like Goldilocks, I found the perfect needle the third time around.  It’s a self-threading needle – a plus with this huge thread – and I have a ton of them.  I use them to bury starts and stops on the longarm.

Okay – enough of the talk.  On to the pictures.  And the critiques.

1.  It goes very quickly so I feel like I got a lot done in a short amount of time.  Granted I spent way too much time yesterday quilting!  My fingers, arms, and back feel it today!  🙂  But I concentrated on getting even stitches – not small stitches – and I think I succeeded.

2.  When learning something new, don’t pick red thread!  Up close you can see my stitches aren’t all that straight.  But I showed the other picture first, because you really can’t tell that much in the overall picture.  Just up close.  You can’t load a whole lot of stitches on the needle, so I tend to get more wobbly stitches because of starts and stops.  I think.  Curves are actually easier IMHO.  I did the white, curved stitching first too!

3.  I opened the window shade to get side lighting and sunlight for this picture.  You can see the actually 3-D the quilting makes better that way.  So here’s my question.  Why does the top look baggy and not flat?  Do you think it was the way I basted it?  I didn’t baste it on the longarm but used the old fashioned way.  I taped the backing to the table then laid the batting and top on the backing and hand basted.  Maybe I didn’t baste it close enough together or maybe I’m removing the basting too soon while quilting.  Or maybe that’s the way hand quilting is supposed to look with poly bat.  The batting is Quilter’s Dream Poly in the lowest loft.  It’s true to the name – it is quilting like a dream.  There is no resistance with the needle.  The lines are 1″ apart.  The echo quilting is 1/2″ from the edge.  I know if it was machine quilted it would look flatter.  Can anyone lend any insight to that?

4.  Also, look at the upper left corner in the above picture.  I quilted one straight line going out; the next going in.  I think you’re not supposed to do that.  I seem to remember that from a Harriet Hargrave book.  So I started just quilting the rest of the chevron lines going outward from the blue.  I think it’s better in the lower left corner as a result.  I think that’s why the upper corner looks like that at least.

If anyone can answer my questions, please do.  I will take any help I can get.

Overall, I am having fun and really addicted to this style of hand quilting.  It’s easy and goes quickly.  I am going to order some more perle cotton for another wall hanging I have in the closet.  I can’t figure out if I want to try a lap quilt yet or not.  The problem is that I only have two hands and now have THREE hand projects – the TWO hex tops and this quilting.  But it is so addicting…  😉


One Response to “A Success!”

  1. Sonia July 7, 2012 at 5:45 PM #

    Awesome start! I really think you’re doing a great job. I think I have your Harriett Hargrave book and I recall that you’re supposed to quilt in the same direction. Not sure though. You should be done in no time.

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