Hand Quilting

6 Jul

I really stink at hand quilting. I’ve tried a number of times and have not been satisfied with my results. So what’s a woman to do? Try, try again of course!

I dug up this small block/wall hanging.


I don’t know when I pieced this or why I didn’t continue with it. I must have been trying to master the drunkard path block. I did a pretty good job now that I am looking at it. I think this pattern is from an Evelyn Sloppy book that I borrowed from my sister and liked the book so much that I bought it for myself. I know it was an experiment because I recognize my scraps of Walmart and other cheap fabric.

So what better top to continue experimenting on? It’s about 22″ square. I’m going to try big stitch quilting with a tapestry needle and perle cotton. No hoop or frame. I’m just going to concentrate on even stitches. If it doesn’t work out, I will throw it away – no harm done. Just some of my time wasted but not really wasted because it’s a learning process.

Wish me luck and I’ll obviously keep blogland up to date on my progress or lack thereof. 🙂


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