Thursday’s Thoughts

5 Jul

1. Softball practice has been at 8am to beat the heat. If the coaches really want to beat the heat, they should have practice at 6am. It’s still too stinking hot at 8am.

2. Today at softball practice I caught. I only wore a face mask. Catchers should have a special place in softball heaven. It’s a crappy job. Even when you are not 49 years old. And stink at catching. In the 90 degree heat.

3. Upon re-reading #2, I want to make it clear that I also had clothes on. I only wore the face mask out of all the catchers equipment. I thought that clarification was important!

4. I sewed a lot yesterday. I have 9 rows completed out of 13 for the double Irish chain quilt top. I printed and sewed about a dozen hexagon flowers. I have a new plan for my “other” hexagon top. It was going to be the back and may still be. But going around in circles is getting old. I need to jazz it up a bit.

5. I swam more this past week than I have all summer. Yesterday I taught Gianna how to do a flip flop under water. I did not injure myself at all. See? I’m not really 49. I’m 12 at heart. Although I knew not to do more than two…. Just in case my bones and muscles started to argue.

6. Dan wasn’t as smart as me. He taught Gianna to do forward somersaults under water and had to come in and drink Alka Selzer because the somersaults made him queasy.

Stay cool if you can. I plan on grading and sewing again today. Hope you have a relaxing day as well.


One Response to “Thursday’s Thoughts”

  1. Sonia July 6, 2012 at 6:55 PM #

    Hmmm…just a catcher’s mask to beat the heat!

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