Happy July 4th America!

4 Jul

In thanks for my freedom, I thought I’d post some of the quilts that I’ve donated in the past to our military.

This last one my sister pieced and I quilted. These pictures are by no means all the quilts that I’ve done for Quilts of Valor and other organizations throughout the years. But they are just some of them that I found when pursuing through my photos. Sonia is binding one now to be donated. I should start another RWB quilt after I finish piecing the Double Irish Chain quilt. (I’ve been very good about staying with just two projects this summer – the hand piecing one and the machine piecing one. I don’t want to break that by starting another quilt that I won’t finish!)

Happy July 4th and a special thanks to our military men and women who VOLUNTEER to go whenever our government decides is necessary – whether they want to or not. Thank you for my freedom!

Update: my sister Sonia just finished binding this patriotic quilt that I pieced and quilted. She has an organization that she will donate this quilt to. It will go to an active serviceman or woman.

Thanks Sonia for binding this!


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