What I’m Reading

2 Jul

I read the controversial “Fifty Shades” trilogy last month. My interest was piqued after every mother on my daughter’s softball team kept talking about it. It was an okay series. I wasn’t all that impressed. After you got over the “shock” factor, the story was a typical chic book story. Rich guy… Poor girl who thinks she is ugly… Yadda …yadda….

Now I’m reading Stephen King’s latest book “11/22/63”.


I’m not a big Stephen King fan but I am really enjoying this book so far. It’s a good combination of historical fiction and science fiction. I have only just started the book – I think I’m 12% into it. I will let you know if my opinion changes as I continue reading but for now, I’m hooked.


2 Responses to “What I’m Reading”

  1. Robin Gallagher July 2, 2012 at 9:55 PM #

    I read 11/22/63 a while back and absolutely loved it. It’s is extremely well written and is Stephen King at his best. I know you’ll enjoy it.

  2. craftyland July 3, 2012 at 8:26 AM #

    I am a King fan but fell off the last few books of his because it wasn’t up to the caliber I was used to. I read 11/22/63 a few months ago and loved every.single.second of it. It’s a GREAT book. Loved the historical references. Loved the main characters. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 🙂

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