Food Review

2 Jul

I probably gained 10 pounds on our trip to Chicago. Food is such a big part of our trip!


The first meal was lunch at Bubba Gump at Navy Pier. I had a terrific meal of spicy shrimp with rice. I’ve had it before. However, with the healthy appetites of my boys, lunch was one of our most expensive meals – $80 with tip.

Supper was at Buca di Beppo. We ordered enough food for at least 6 people. But again… Boys! We had a Caesar salad first followed by cheese manicotti and lasagna. Supper was slightly cheaper than lunch.

After the show, we walked past a yogurt shop called Froyo. It’s self serve yogurt and toppings. We managed to spend $25 on dessert. It was really good. I mean rrrreeeeaaallllllyyyyy good!

The second day we ate breakfast at the hotel. It was a late breakfast so we just snacked at the aquarium for lunch.

Supper was at Lou Malnati’s for pizza. It was the first time we had pizza from that establishment. I was NOT IMPRESSED. We had to wait for the customary 40 minutes. We are used to that for pizza joints in Chicago. But once we got seated, the first thing that ticked me off was a dirty knife. Not a big deal but when I pointed it out to the waitress, she took it but didn’t replace it! Dj’s water glass had a crack in it and slowly leaked onto our table. I poured the water into an empty soda glass and we used our napkins to wipe up the table. I stopped a bus boy and asked for extra napkins and he brought one. One. The pizza came and I re-asked for additional napkins (plural) and that replacement knife. I could overlook the poor service but the pizza wasn’t that good. It was one of our cheapest meals but I wouldn’t go back. Dan and Dj liked it but they like all pizza.

We went back to Froyo for more dessert. 🙂

Dieting resumes today for me. Dan is waiting for July fifth to restart his diet but I can’t wait til then. I am loading up on fruit today.


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