Chicago Trip

30 Jun

Today is the first day of our Chicago trip. Cory is staying home with the dog and Mia is working, so it’s just the four of us. We took the Amtrak train. I had no hexes ready to take as my travel project! I resorted to digging out a knitting project – Sonia’s cashmere scarf. The train was packed so I couldn’t sit with my family. Therefore I got a few dozen rows knitted lickety split. Before I knew it, we were pulling into Union Station.

Lunch was at Bubba Gump.

Dj and Dan got burgers. At Bubba Gump! Sheesh…

Gianna and I got shrimp of course!

Gianna had money burning a hole in her pocket so she got this necklace. I guess if she ever forgets her name, it will come in handy!


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