All Before 9:00am

29 Jun

Today I didn’t have my Game Programming class. It ended yesterday. So today I got up at 6:30am and got so much done!

I made my husband 10 bags. He uses these when he makes his Kava drink. The bags are used to strain the drink. Even though they only took 30 minutes to make, I hate making them. So I kicked it out first thing in the morning.

Then I straightened up the house, caught Gianna’s pitching, swam, cleaned the pool, and did a load of laundry. All before 9:00am!

I had to stop the outside work because we are getting some much needed rain. Well, not yet. But the thunder is rumbling and the sky is getting darker, and the weather channel says it’s coming. That is great news for our area. The crops need it, my grass needs it… Everything is so dry.

Now all that’s hanging on my list of things to do today is more grading for my “real” summer class. I think I’ll play games with myself – grade an assignment, then reward myself with a half hour of sewing…. Repeat as necessary. 🙂


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