Last Week of June

25 Jun

Wow, did June go by quickly!  I always say that as soon as July 4th hits, my summer is over.  Now I’m waiting for July 4th to hit so my summer can begin!  It’s been so busy this summer.

We went away this weekend for the final ASA softball tournament of the year.  The girls played 6 games on Friday and Saturday – only 5 counted for pool play.  They finished 2nd in their pool.  But the actual tournament games on Sunday were canceled due to thunderstorms.  Gianna didn’t play her best – she made some errors.  But she laid down some good bunts and had a couple of great hits.  A few of the hits were caught by terrific defensive plays by the other team.  What are you going to do?  I brought the nice camera and took a few pictures of the very first game.  But then I forgot I had it and didn’t take many more for the rest of the trip.

She was far ahead of this ball! I don’t remember if it was a change up that fooled her or if her timing was that far off! 🙂

Come on! Hit the ball to me! I’m ready!

Mom? What’s this picture of the fence doing in here? Artistic license…

On Saturday morning before the first game, they had two guys parachute into the fields while the national anthem played.  It gave me goose bumps.

DJ stayed with his aunt and uncle and had an equally good time.  They went to the movies, played video games, and went to the Museum of Science and Industry.  He doesn’t enjoy the softball games so it’s good to have someplace he can go and have fun.

For the next four days I am teaching a community education class for 10-13 year olds.  It’s called Game Programming.  I’m using Scratch which is a package developed by MIT to teach programming to this age.  I’ve been very successful with this kind of class before but I’ve never taught 4 days or 8 hours worth.  I hope the students enjoy it.  As soon as this post is finished, I’m going to “practice” for today.  My kids are NOT in the class because it filled up so quickly and I didn’t get them signed up.  My entire salary for the class wouldn’t cover the cost of their tuition.  LOL  Somebody’s making money on this class and it’s not me!



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