Fast Camera

15 Jun

I have this great app on my iPhone and iPad called “Fast Camera”. It is a free$0.99 app and it takes continuous pictures. You can set the shutter speed and it’s really nice for getting action shots. I took a bunch of pictures of Gianna pitching to see if I can catch her release point and to see what she may be doing wrong.

Like these:


Her arm is straight, her feet are perfectly placed but her thumb needs to be towards the back a little bit more.


Good follow through but the new coach says her right foot and hip should come forward at the same time as the snap.

It’s a very cool app. I take a series of shots – about 6 pitches worth. Then we go inside and analyze them to see what can be fixed. We try to note what happened on each pitch – was it a strike? High? Low? Inside? The pitching coach is trying to teach her to analyze her own pitches and be able to correct her form based on what the ball did. Since going to this coach, her speed has decreased but I think Gianna understands the technique a bit better and it’s just a matter of getting the muscle memory to kick in. She is pitching for city ball twice next week. She likes pitching for city ball. There isn’t a whole lot of pressure because the maximum a team can score in one inning is 5 runs. So if she has a bad inning, it’s no big deal.

Try out the Fast Camera app. I’m going to search for a different app that allows me to set number of pictures per second a bit faster. Or an app that allows me to take a video apart frame by frame. Anyone have any suggestions?


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