Math Camp

11 Jun

My kids are at Math Camp this week.  You’d think with a name like “Math Camp” you’d expect it to:

  1. not be a very popular camp
  2. not be a very fun camp
  3. attract kids who are BAD at math.

But it’s just the opposite!  DJ has been attending for… I think this is his 4th year!  This is the first year Gianna has been old enough to attend.  It’s held at our local Catholic high school.  The teacher who pulls it together is GREAT – enthusiastic, fun, positive… just a wonderful role model.  He’s an ex-teacher from West Point; retired.  He teaches that there is math in every aspect of the world.  He’s really teaching physics in a fun environment.

So… what’s fun about math camp?  I don’t know what they are doing this year.  In past years, each day has a theme such as:

  • How strong is Army strong?  They bring in the Reserve trucks/humvees and calculate horsepower, acceleration, etc.  The kids get to ride in the vehicles.
  • How does a plane fly?  They go to the local small airport and learn how an airplane takes off, flies, and lands.  They calculate and estimate altitude, acceleration, talk  about the angles of the wing flaps.
  • How does a dam work?  They go to the Illinois River lock and dam and learn how it works.  They calculate volume and time how long to fill the dam based on pressure, volume, etc.
  • How does a boat float?  The kids build their own boats with cardboard boxes and duct tape and then float out on a duck pond and squirt each others’ boats with water guns to see who can stay afloat. 

See?  Cool stuff.  Hands on science and math combined.  There are prizes and snacks and all around fun! 

What am I doing during this time?  Well… today I am working.  😦  I have two assignments to grade for my summer class.  I have 6 assignments to work through that are due in the near future.  I’ve been up since 5:30am working on this stuff.  Well, that’s not true.  I did put together a few hexagons for the hour I was waking up and drinking coffee.  But since 6:30am I’ve been working.  This afternoon is filled with doctor’s appointments, haircuts, and pitching practice for tonight’s game.

Very little sewing is going to be done today I’m afraid. 


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