Some Old Fashioned Coloring

8 Jun

I no longer have EQ 7 installed on my laptop. I must not have reinstalled it after the Windows 7 upgrade. Last night I was too lazy to hunt down the software so I printed out a blank hexagon worksheet and grabbed the colored pencils and started coloring.


The left one is an idea I have to use up all the extra hexagons that are left over from my current project. Each batch that I make prints nine hexagons and I only need six of each fabric. One of the extras goes for another flower’s center. That makes two extras of each color. They are starting to build up. So I thought a “barn raising” setting with a consistent background color would be nice. I wouldn’t have to use a consistent light background, but I don’t have that many lights cut out and I think the consistency might give your eye a place to rest.

The right one is just an experiment in diamonds with flower centers. Would I make them all of the same fabric? Probably not. Make all of the same color way. Maybe not even make the flowers in the middle but just go with straight diamonds.

Just doodling… Not starting another project. 🙂


One Response to “Some Old Fashioned Coloring”

  1. Sonia June 9, 2012 at 4:17 PM #

    The diamond pattern is really cool. A new twist on the traditional hex’s.

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