The perfect container!

3 Jun


My brother is home for a visit. He lives in Denver, CO. He brought gifts. Mine was a tin of toffee. Besides the toffee being delicious (which it is…. It’s the kind that doesn’t break your teeth and tastes fabulous), it came in this uber-cool tin! It’s got a hinged lid with a picture of the Rockies on it.

What makes it über-cool? I have been carrying around my hand piecing supplies in ziploc bags. Pins, needles, pointy scissors and baggies don’t mix. Now I’ve got this great tin to put the stuff in! It’s about the same size as my iPad.

But before I can use it, someone has to eat the toffee that’s inside. Sigh… It’s a tough job but I guess I’ll have to do it!


One Response to “The perfect container!”

  1. shannon June 3, 2012 at 9:13 PM #

    that is a great hand work carry-all….and you can stick a magnet to the lid to hold those pins and needles!!!

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