May Quilting

31 May

Here it is May 31. I haven’t had much time for quilting in the last two weeks but both of my piecing projects are coming along. I have 80 flowers done in my hexagon quilt. I have about 70 of those joined together. If I can get four times that completed, I’ll have a nice lap sized quilt top finished. That will be my goal then – around 300 flowers.

In the double Irish chain quilt, I have almost six rows done (13 blocks per row). I should have ample sewing time tonight to complete the full six rows. I may even put the rows together and take them off my design wall. The six rows cover my entire design wall.

So that looks like I’m a quarter done with the flower quilt and almost half done with the Irish chain quilt. I have not bound the two quilts that need binding. In fact I haven’t even attached the binding. Or cut it out. I need to do that soon so I count them as completed.

I have been trying to strip a lot of my scrap stash. Today I spent a good amount of time working my way through some scraps that need to be cut up. It’s getting there.

I am tempted to try my hand at big stitch hand quilting. I stink at hand quilting but I think I can do the big stitch technique. I am holding back because that will take time away from the flower hand piecing. I think I should stick to one hand project at a time. 🙂

I’ll post pictures of my progress tomorrow on both quilts tomorrow!


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