20 May

It’s a blurry photo taken from my phone but you can see some progress on my hexagon quilt top.


I lay out the placement of the flowers then take a picture on my phone so I remember which flowers go where. In the above photo, three flowers aren’t yet attached.

Also I using the Photo Toaster app I can easily make adjustments like show it in black and white so I can see value placement.


I’ve got a little cluster of darks on the left there that I didn’t see before attaching. Not a big deal but it’s cool that I can see it so easily using free apps for my phone and iPad.

We are trying to open the pool this week but having a tough time of it. We are going to need outside help which means boo coo bucks probably. Crappola.

I have meetings for three days this week. I get paid to attend one but not the others. Gianna has softball games every night this week too. There won’t be many blog posts or sewing going on I’m afraid.


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