A Busy Weekend

12 Mar

They are all busy weekends it seems.  But we had the greatest weather in mid-state Illinois this weekend.  It was in the 60s all weekend.  Gianna had softball practice on the field instead of inside the gym.  I scooped all the poop out of the yard (that dog can create quite a bit in a very short amount of time).  And we walked… and walked… and walked…  Gianna and DJ rode their scooters on one of the walks.

Hawk isn't pulling Gianna but running along side her.

Hawk got his share of a workout as well.  He went on two walks over an hour each.  Plus Gianna and DJ played tennis in the street and since they miss a lot, he chased after the tennis ball each time, retrieving it as always.  Gianna also played fetch with him one day for a solid 45 minutes.  He loved it!

Gianna is trying to learn to do a cartwheel.  Cracks me up!  She never wanted anything to do with gymnastics but the girls on her softball team do cartwheels in the field before and after practice and I think she feels left out.  My almost 50-year-old body probably can’t do one anymore.  🙂  I haven’t tried.  Afraid a bone might snap or something!  But she keeps at it so on some of the walks she cartwheeled and I walked the dog.  LOL  We were such a site!

The good weather will continue on through this week so there is no excuse for lack of exercise for all of us!  Well, except this whole work thing keeps getting in the way.  But besides that, we should be outside toodling around every day!


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