8 Mar

I have an unraveled Petite Sophisticate sweater.

Original Sweater

The yarn is RED and 100% extra fine merino.  I dyed an ounce of it with grape Kool Aid and here are the results.

Original Red on the left; resulting dyed color on the right

Interesting, huh?  I like the darker color but I only have about 1000 yards of this yarn.  So it depends on what I want to make with it.  It’s 5-ply; sport weight.  I have a pattern for a nice ribbed tank top.  That would look good in the original red but I think the darker maroonish-purple would be too dark for a tank top.  The yarn is VERY SOFT and will be dream to work with.

I just finished a small orange triangular scarf from the last batch of dyed yarn.  It’s the color of nacho cheese Doritos.  I’m not sure that I like it.  I’ll take pictures when it’s done blocking.  It may get unraveled.  🙂  You win some; you lose some.


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