A Quick Project

23 Feb

This shawl is turning out to be a quick project.

I have less than a dozen rows to go… and I’m a pretty slow knitter.  Do I love it?  Hmm… I’ll have to see it blocked out and worn to judge.  It’s a similar pattern to the three Holden shawls I made previously.

I think it will use only the one ball of yarn so I’ll have about 70 grams left over.  I have another 100 grams in the plain khaki color left also.  I could chevron stripe the tan and purple.  But I’m itching to try dyeing again.  What color?  Blue?  Orange?  I don’t have anything orange.  I could wear whatever I make with my brown outfits.  Couldn’t wear it with black though.  🙂  Unless it was Halloween!  And, tangerine is supposed to be the “in” spring color according to something I read.  I don’t look good in pinks and I have A LOT of pink and red sweaters that have been unknitted so if I want to knit something in reds or pinks the yarn is already readily available.

Decisions, decisions….


One Response to “A Quick Project”

  1. Jenn Embry February 23, 2012 at 9:17 AM #

    If orange is a color you can wear, then I say go for it. I think you could wear a tangerine color with black and not have it be too Halloween-ish. You could also do a deep orangey-red color. Have fun playing with the dye & yarn. Color possibilities are endless!

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