More Hats

16 Feb

Three more hats – only one that’s a keeper.

We’ll start with the keeper.

This pattern is called The Man Hat (I believe).  It’s knit in a bulky weight yarn.  This yarn is an el-cheapo Yarn Bee variety from Hobby Lobby.  It turned out nicely.  It fits a variety of heads and seems like it could be warm.  I don’t have hardly any bulky weight yarn in my stash but I have another variegated Yarn Bee that I may use to knit another one of these hats.  This one is going to Gianna’s friend, Anna.  She slept over last weekend and requested a hat in blues or greens.  This fits the bill.  🙂

The first prototype of this hat, however, did not turn out so well.  I used an unraveled Express sweater.  I thought it was probably bulky yarn but it turned out to be SUPER bulky.  So it was big and not very flexible.  However, because it’s 100% lambswool, I’m hoping that I can felt it in the washer this morning and it will shrink it up AND make it that much warmer.

I’ll post in a future blog entry how it turned out after felting it.

The final one is BEAUTIFUL!

…but huge!  The pattern is called “Flora” and I modified the pattern to include the braid brim instead of garter stitch.  My gauge was dead on at 22 stitches per inch.  However I think the pattern is in error.  She says to cast on 120 stitches. Later she states there are three repeats of the leaf pattern (30×3=90).  I figured that since stranded colorwork isn’t stretchy, the 120 stitches were probably correct.  But that’s way too huge.  So I’m probably going to rip this one apart and re-do with a smaller needle size – maybe size 5 instead of size 7.  I’ll do a gauge swatch and see.  I don’t think the 90 stitch version will fit me.  My head is 22″ so theoretically this should fit me well.  But it’s too big.  So I’m hoping that with a size 5 or 6 needle, it will snug it up just right.

You win some; you lose some.  I’m batting a 333 on this batch and if the white one felts up to size, that increases to 666.  🙂



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