The Perfect Hat

14 Feb

I’m back on the search for the perfect knitted hat.  And it still eludes me.

My hats are not warm.  My hats do not fit my family members’ heads.  Ugh!  So I decided to do some experimenting.  I found a nice K4 P4 rib hat.  It’s a beanie style.  “Sized for a man” the pattern said.  So I knitted up this blue hat exactly according to specs.

When I throw a hat on one of my kids and say "Pose for my blog" this is what I get.

It fits DJ and Dan pretty well but they have ginormous heads compared with the rest of the family – and the rest of the world for that matter.  It’s not warm though.

So I figured, “Okay… I’ll drop down a needle size to tighten up the gauge AND start the decreases a bit earlier (1/2″) so it’s not so long either.”

This hat was created.

Better but still not warm.  And the color – was horrendous.  So I dyed the hat using three packets of red or cherry koolaid and one packet of grape.  This nice maroon color was the result.

But look how much it GREW!  Now it’s the same size as the blue hat!  I think that might be because the yarn was superwash wool.  Even though I dried it, it didn’t go back to its original size.

Okay… time to change needles, yarn, and pattern.  I’m currently working a different pattern (also referred to as a man’s hat), with bulkylambswool yarn.  I placed an order for smaller needles too.  I’ll keep trying to close up the holes that knitting creates to make the hat warmer.  I know stranded would work out well for warmth but wouldn’t the ribbing still be single layered and that’s what goes around your ears there by defeating the process.  Maybe I’ll try a rolled edge stranded hat next ??

Gianna was certain this would become the new look in hats. The fashion diva!


2 Responses to “The Perfect Hat”

  1. Judy February 14, 2012 at 2:46 PM #

    Is it now long enough to turn up a band on it? that would cover the ears with extra protection. I found my warmest hat is one I made of Ironstone Wool and it’s snug at the brim, but over-sized on the head which doesn’t pull the stitches to create holes and allows the air to warm up inside of it, keeping me much warmer than the ones that fit skin tight. Keep in mind, I do live down in NC now and not up north anymore, so my definition of warm is acclimated to my current climate. It got down to 19 the other night and I thought I’d never warm up again! ;>)

  2. Sonia February 14, 2012 at 6:10 PM #

    How about putting fleece on the inside. I don’t think that could qualify as ‘sewing’. ;o)

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