9 Feb

I’ve got this flu/cold/whatever sickness that my family has been passing around.  I’m the last to get it.  So far I just have a fever, chills, and a headache that’s making it difficult to focus my eyes.  Weird huh?  Dan had it last week in Pennsylvania and had to suffer through 8 hour a day training.  Me?  I get to call in sick to work and sleep all day.  🙂  At least that’s what I did yesterday.  I woke up again this morning with the headache and chills but at 9:30am, the Advil is kicking in and it’s subsiding.  I don’t have the sinus congestion yet although I’m told it will soon follow.  Gianna never got that part though – not real bad at least.  Dan’s the only one in the family that got the flu shot this year, and he’s been sick more than anyone – more than he has ever been in fact.  Weird…

During this past scarf weekend, I managed to complete almost 100 rows!  I didn’t get that much done on Sunday because I’m trying to dedicate Sunday mornings to unraveling some of this Goodwill sweater pile that I’ve established.

This was an interesting sweater.

The 20% angora made my eyes itch while unraveling so I had to take frequent breaks.

I ended up getting 244 grams of yarn from it.  It’s very soft and it’s a three ply yarn that’s around a heavy fingering or sport weight yarn.

I don’t know what I’ll make from that yarn.  Gianna helped wind it into balls and likes it.  It’s very soft – did I mention that already?  🙂

Off to try to get some work done today before heading into work for my night class tonight.  I hate to miss that class because we only meet once a week and we’ll miss an entire week.  So I feel obligated to go in whether I’m sick or not.  I’ll make that call around 3pm.


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