Scarf Weekend

4 Feb

I’m declaring this to be scarf weekend.  I will work on no other knitting projects except Sonia’s scarf.  This morning I got up at 7am and by 8:30am I had 36 rows done.  Sounds impressive?  That’s less than 4″ since it’s a small gauge.  But, nonetheless, I will make some major headway on that baby this weekend.  Will I finish it?  Nope… 70″ is a long way and there is still the normal weekend stuff in there that needs to get accomplished.

I finished the baby hat.

Looks funny doesn’t it?  Like a long skinny tube… If I had a baby to model it, I think it would look just fine.  On Ravelry, everyone else’s projects look fine on a baby and look like mine not on a baby.  I finished it at 8pm – 6 hours after Mia had left for Cincinnati.  So close… Okay, not so close to meeting that deadline.  But now I have a spare boy baby hat for a future present.  Or to donate somewhere.  I should block it on a balloon or small ball or something.  No hurry now.

Dan is home safe and sound from Pennsylvania.  Mr. Fixit is repairing my oven which went out the day he left.  Of course.  If he wants pizza for supper (it is “Pizza til you puke” night after all) then he has to get the oven working lickety split.


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