Crappy Day

22 Jan

Man, yesterday was the crappiest day!  Nothing was going my way.  I installed Linux twice on my virtual machine on my laptop and it either stopped installing or crawled at a snail’s pace.  Then I installed it on my server and hated the distro/version.  Reinstall again.  Just spinning my wheels without any forward momentum.  Everything I touched turned crappy, you know?  I only had about an hour total time to knit which makes me an ornery witch since it was Saturday and most of my day was either working at home (laundry, etc) or working for work!

Today, I’m happy to report that things are better.  I only spent an hour this morning working on my school work.  I woke up early to get some good knitting time in.  I knit a couple of inches on Sonia’s scarf yesterday although it was slow going.  I knit on my sweater today.  Things are looking up.

Every Sunday, my 10yo has softball practice that I have to attend.  The practice is in the gym of the school where I teach and the school’s rules are that an employee must be present in order for the girls to practice.  I always bring work or knitting to do but I end up watching the practice more than I work or knit.  I enjoy watching as long as I can keep my mouth shut!  🙂  Today’s practice went well.  The girls tried hard and were practicing well.  Gianna practiced exceptionally well.  She caught the entire practice – her favorite position.  The coach worked with her and another catcher on the team on blocking the ball and basics of the catching position.  It was interesting for me because I’ve never played that position and don’t know anything about it.

It’s spitting rain/ice now and we are in for the rest of the day and night.  I should get some solid knitting in and some relaxing time in before the hectic 8am – 9:30pm Monday work day hits tomorrow!  I plan on making homemade strawberry frozen yogurt for dessert.  Kind of a summer dessert but I’m excited about trying it.


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