Thursday’s Tidbits

12 Jan

Tidbits to share today:

  1. I’m home today – not because I’m sick but because I don’t have any classes during the day.  I don’t have to go in until 4:30pm today.
  2. I was going to go in after my Weight Watcher’s meeting to get some prep work done.  But we are having our first major snowfall in Illinois and it’s kinda slip-slidey out there.  Instead I’m “kinda” working from home.  “Kinda” working involves checking my email every half hour to hour; cleaning the house and doing laundry; knitting; prepping what I can from home (reading; updating Blackboard); knitting some more…
  3. Snow… we are supposed to get 4-6″.  I think it’ll be more like 4″.  I don’t leave the house for work until Dan is home so I’ll take his 4-wheel drive Jeep in.
  4. There was no Weight Watcher’s meeting but there was a weigh in.  I’m doing okay still although I feel like I’m carrying a bowling ball around my waist.  What’s that all about?
  5. I finished my lime green cashmere scarf last night.  It’s lovely.  I’m wearing it today with my other Goodwill cashmere sweater.  🙂  Here’s a picture after blocking

    All done... Light as air

    I will start Sonia’s scarf next but I still have quite a bit of unraveling to do yet.  I have picked out a couple of patterns.  She doesn’t get to see it until it’s done.  Those are my rules. 😉

  6. I purchased this pattern called “The Beekeeper’s Quilt”.  It was an impulse purchase.  I made one hexagon and it was all squishy.  I made a second one and it was huge.  I modified her instructions and made a third one and it was JUST RIGHT.  However, it was teeny tiny

    Yes, it's really that small. And takes an hour to complete.

    .So I’m supposed to make how many of these?  Hundreds?  Then join them together?  Seriously?  The designer suggests that you make them in your spare time and toss them in a basket over the course of a couple of years.  Then join them.  LOL Yeah… that’s going to work with my 2yo’s attention span.  I thought it might be a good idea to use up my leftover sock yarn from socks, scarves, etc.  PLUS I’m not sure I like the way she joins the hexagons.  It leaves all kinds of holes for you toes to poke through.  PLUS PLUS the “quilt” is a Grandmother’s Flower Garden type of quilt and that’s one of my least favorite.  So $5.50 impulse pattern buy. I could make them bigger.  Or I could just make a pillow.  Or one side of a pillow.  🙂

  7. Off to shovel snow.  And kinda work some more…

P.S.  My dryer decided to stop drying today.  Sheesh…



3 Responses to “Thursday’s Tidbits”

  1. Sonia January 12, 2012 at 6:19 PM #

    I’m good with the suspense of the new scarf. Can’t wait! Those tiny hexagons fall into the same category as quilting small blocks…no way! Remember when we took the Mariner’s compass class and used a pizza-sized pan for our pattern while everyone else was using a saucer? 🙂

    • ginaquilts January 12, 2012 at 6:48 PM #

      Lol. I do remember that! What were those people thinking. They went home with coasters and we went home with large wall hangings.

      Sent from my iPad

  2. Laura January 12, 2012 at 6:49 PM #

    That scarf is great, I love the way the pattern looks like leaves.

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