5 Jan

I’m just about finished with the first ball of yarn on my scarf and I think I’m about at the half way point.

Cashmere scarf from reclaimed yarn

I’ve got about 3 feet there (although it doesn’t look like it’s that long in the picture).  It’s unblocked so when I stretch it to block, I figure that will be closer to 40″.  That’s good progress but since I haven’t been working, I knit more than usual.  Too much actually.  My left wrist is beginning to show signs of stress.  Going back to work today to prepare the computer lab and school officially starts on Tuesday.  Knitting will be limited to a normal level after that.

Speaking of school, my schedule is hectic but should be fun.  I’m teaching Windows Server 2008, Ubuntu Linux, TCP/IP, and a new class called Specialty Servers.  I have previously taught Linux using the SUSE distribution so I’m taking a while getting used to Ubuntu.  I haven’t taught Windows Server in years, so I’ve been re-familiarizing myself with that over the break too.  I could teach TCP/IP with my eyes closed but I have incorporated a lot of v6 information in there this year, so it will be slightly different.  Finally the Specialty Servers class.  That will be a bear I’m afraid.  It is a new way of teaching – task oriented.  So each student is working on a different task or project.  It’s all lab based.  I will guide each student during each class period but they need to learn it themselves and get it to work.  I’m excited about teaching this class but it will be hectic and not as the normal teaching that I and the students are used to.

I’m thinking about producing a youtube video this weekend on what to look for when shopping for sweaters to reclaim.  (I’m all over with my thoughts today, huh?)  I just have to convince my dear hubby to be the photographer.  LOL

Final progress report?  I’m back on track with my Weight Watchers.  After getting on the scale, the “eating frenzy” that took place over the holidays here wasn’t so bad after all.  I’m only up about 1.5 pounds since my last weigh in at the Weight Watchers meeting.  It feels heavier but I’ll take it.  🙂  I’ll officially weigh in next Thursday since I didn’t go to the meeting today.  It’s good to be back on track and it’s also good that I won’t have to wear sweatpants to work next week.  😉

Off to work to create 20 servers for my students.  I should bring  my knitting.  There’s a lot of down time when installing servers…


One Response to “Progress”

  1. Sonia January 5, 2012 at 6:22 PM #

    If you share your secrets with reclaimed sweater yarn, that’s less for you 🙂
    You left us with a teaser about a new car. What the ‘new’ word?

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