On A Roll

3 Jan

I’m on a roll because I have posted to my blog two times in two days…  good start.  PLUS:

I found more cashmere at my Goodwill store!  LOL

I found this Lands End sweater that has been washed and is blocking on my bed.

Lands End Heavy Cashmere Sweater

It’s not your usual thin sweater.  It’s thick and knitted like a sweatshirt.  It fits and is in great shape.  So no unraveling for this baby.  I’m wearing it!  🙂  BTW, it was $3.49.

Then I bought this “sister” sweater to the lime green one.

Dark Pink Cashmere Sweater

It’s the same brand as the lime green one… and same size. So I’m going to bet that the same person dropped off both sweaters.  It has a few pin-sized holes in it.  But I’m unraveling it not wearing it so I can deal with that.  Even better?  It was “pink-tag-half-off” day at our Goodwill so this sweater was only $1.75.  Yeah baby!  Jackpot!  I walked out with both sweaters for under $6.

My sister, Sonia, bought me a men’s cashmere sweater a few months ago and I tried to unravel it but couldn’t see the seams.  I let it sit for a while. After the success of the lime green unraveling, I thought I’d try to tackle that one again.  I sat on the couch with my hubby’s headband flashlight on and my magnifying glasses.  And I slowly picked at what I thought was the seam thread.  It’s dark colored and so hard to see!  But I had success in taking apart the four pieces (two sleeves, front, back – five if you include the neckband).  YES!  This will become a scarf for Sonia eventually.  It’s a shade darker than the sweater above.  Wouldn’t they look good striped in a chevron pattern?  Maybe with a bit of the lime green thrown in?  🙂

Two sleeves - about 75 grams of yarn

I am taking my time and it’s paying off.  The yarn is literally like thread thickness.  It’s so delicate as you can see.  And crimpy-curly.  But what I did with the lime green sweater was that I used my ball winder and held three balls from the center pull and made thicker yarn from the three threads.

Three cashmere yarn plies wound together

It’s not technically “plied” because I guess that involves twisting the three threads together.  But the knitters on Ravelry said that wasn’t necessary and it turns out they were right.  My scarf is knitting up beautifully with this yarn.  It’s “splitty” obviously so you have to be careful to get all three threads in a single stitch.  But it’s not bad with pointy needles.  I have about 160 grams of yarn there in the lime green.  I figure that’s an 8 foot scarf according to what I have done so far!  Okay – maybe 8 feet is a little exaggerating.  But the scarf will be plenty long!

I left a 100% alpaca sweater at Goodwill along with a 100% extra fine merino sweater.  You just can’t buy them all you know… But I’ve been thinking about going back for them.  Not that I need any more yarn!  And the sweaters would not have fit to wear.  But it’s nice yarn… and $3.49 each.  Sigh… Is it possible to go broke by spending too much money at Goodwill?

Finally, I started my own pair of gray striped socks.

That isn’t self-striped yarn but leftovers from a scarf and hat that I made earlier in the year.  The black tweed I purchased eons ago.  I’ve been obsessing about the lime green scarf so these socks have been on the back burner.  I think they will become my travel project since the other one is done now.  Plain ole stockinette stitch socks are good travel projects because they require so little thought.  Plus they are 10 rows of each color – which is a nice number to remember and count.

That’s all folks!  I need to prep for classes today.  Sigh… it’s going to be a rough semester.  One day at a time…



  1. One ply lace weight cashmere is selling for $52 a hank (50 grams).  Tell me again what a great deal I got!
  2. I am getting a new car today.  Details on a future post…


4 Responses to “On A Roll”

  1. Sonia January 4, 2012 at 7:29 PM #

    Love your post! I think the multi-color cashmere scarf is perfect :o)

  2. Fanny Brown January 5, 2012 at 6:43 AM #

    How had I never thought to do this??? Unravelling sweaters – what an amazing idea!! And so much cheaper than buying balls of new yarn – I think I may have to give this one a go…!

    • ginaquilts January 5, 2012 at 7:16 AM #

      There is a group on Ravelry called Unravelers. They have been very helpful and have a “How To” page. Good luck!

      Sent from my iPad

  3. Jora February 18, 2012 at 12:02 AM #

    First, wonderful, wonderful finds. I have a small stockpile of 2BFrogged cashmere sweaters, but I don’t think I’ve ever found more than one at once.

    Second, if you ever do want to find cashmere yarn at a lower price, check out http://www.colourmart.com. (You can find out about them on Ravelry). Right now, I think cashmere laceweight is priced at $38 for 150 grams, with free shipping. They sell off knitting mill remainders, and I’ve bought lovely yarn from them.

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