Happy New Year

2 Jan

Wow how time flies!  I looked at my last post and I can’t believe that I haven’t posted anything since December 18th!  I should make a New Year’s Resolution to be a better blogger, that’s for sure.  It’s doable, right?  Not like most of the New Year’s Resolutions that I usually make, right?  🙂

It’s been an eating frenzy at our house.  I’m scared to get on the scale on Thursday.  But… what can you do?  I just need to get back on track this week and get back down.  I was 7 pounds below my goal weight when the holidays started so I think I’m still okay with Weight Watchers.  But will any of my pants fit when I start work next week?  Maybe I’ll have to go with yoga pants.  LOL

Lots of knitting going on during the break also.  I made Gianna a Christmas Stocking.

Gianna's Stocking

It’s not the colors that I would have picked, but she picked them and loves them.  She’s 10.  Give her a couple of years and I’ll be knitting a different one for her, I’m sure.

I unraveled lots of sweaters.  This one my sister picked up for me.  I still owe her a few bucks for all the Goodwill shopping that she’s been doing for me.

Her Goodwill is AWESOME!  I went shopping there before Christmas and it’s a gold mine!

I finished my “travel project”.  I always try to take an easy project with me when we travel.  So this scarf was 6 months in the making.

Silk and Merino Wool - SOFT!

You can see the pattern better in this picture

The pattern is called “Foreign Correspondent’s Scarf”.  I will make it again.  It was easy to memorize and really looks great.  Gianna is modeling it but I think I’ll give it to Mia if she wants it.  She said she liked it when I was knitting it during our last trip to Chicago.  She’s giving me a free massage today so maybe I’ll take this scarf in with me as payment.

Finally, I found a 100% cashmere sweater at my Goodwill this week.

Even though it’s a size Medium, it’s a very SMALL medium.  I haven’t had any luck unraveling cashmere.  The seams are hard to see and I ended up ripping into the yarn on the last attempt.  So I was going to make a pillow for Gianna’s bed with the fronts and backs.  (Her room just happens to have lime green accents.)  But after washing and blocking it, I thought the seams looked visible enough for me to try to unravel it.  And guess what?  It worked!  That yarn is super soft but oh so delicate.  So I wound three strands together in a ball and started making this beautiful scarf.

Patern: Falling Birch Leaves

It’s so soft (did I mention that?).  I make everyone touch it.  Why?  Because it’s so soft, that’s why!  I don’t know how long the scarf will be with three strands held together.  I got a lot of yarn out of that one sweater because it had a turtleneck and very little was wasted by short pieces, etc.

I’m calling dibs on this scarf right now.  It’s documented here.  No child of mine is getting this baby.  🙂


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