The End Is Near

15 Dec

Not the end of the world or the end of humanity.  But the real important stuff.


I have just given my last (yes, you heard right – LAST) final exam of the semester.  Now for the real shocker.

Everything is graded (sans this final).  Basically I need to grade ONE classes worth of final exams – about 20.  Then I need to post them officially to the students’ report cards.  Then I’m done with this semester!

Yea baby!

I have been living, eating, and breathing school for about two weeks.  In addition to teaching I have to staff the classes in my discipline.  So I’ve also been interviewing and finagling the spring semester so I can have a teacher in every classroom that has enough computer students.  I’m also almost done on that front.

I have some paperwork for my boss to do.

I have LOTS of prep for next semester’s computer’s to do.  (About 80 hard drives must be wiped clean and re-installed with a different image.)

But I have three weeks to worry about those tasks.  Right now I can concentrate on Christmas and knitting.

Think I can get a couple of projects finished by Jan 5th?  🙂  Maybe a big one (read sweater) and a couple of small ones?  Maybe… who needs baking and shopping for Christmas presents anyway?  They just make us fat (baking) and crabby (interfacing with angry people), right?


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