It’s All Judy’s Fault

8 Dec

Need you even ask?  Of course I started a new sock.  Once Judy posted that comment about Felici yarn, I thought, “I bought some of that once.  Where the heck is it?”  So off I went to figure out if I was crazy or if I actually had some self-striping sock yarn.  And wha-la!

Those are some bright socks!


I found the yarn.  So I had to start just a toe.  Just a toe won’t hurt…  right?  Then I went a bit farther.  But I’m feeling guilty about the other projects that should get attention so I’m making up rules as I go along.   “Three stripes a day” is my new rule.  Just three stripes.  Then I have to move onto one of the other projects.  🙂  That works right?

So Judy?  I’m blaming you… I can’t resist the peer pressure!  You made me do it!  😉

On another (but related) subject:  I scored big time at Goodwill today!  I got a sweater to unravel that’s 100% lambswool and another that’s 80% silk!  Worsted weight silk!  And here’s what made it a BIG score – the silk sweater had a blue tag and it was “Half Off Blue” day.  $1.75 for that sweater.  😀  Plus I bought three workshirts for my hubby to wear (two were Chaps brand; the other was Puritan with tags on) and an L.L. Bean polo for me.  Finally, I found a 100% merino wool cardigan for me to wear (fine gauge – too fine to unravel).  It’s classy and beautiful and fits to a tee.  All SIX items and my bill was $20.  Yep, $20 baby!  GW is my new favorite store.


One Response to “It’s All Judy’s Fault”

  1. Judy December 8, 2011 at 4:35 PM #

    Happy to have helped!!!! LOL

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